What is Neuronox ?

Neuronox is botulinum toxin type A complex (100 units) manufactured by Medy-Tox Inc.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Clostridium botulinum has been intensively researched by a group of scientist in Korea. In 2000, the scientists established a biotech venture named Medy-Tox Inc. which specializes in botulinum and its toxins. Following much research on biological, biochemical, immunological and toxicity aspects, botulinum toxin type A has been developed as a biopharmaceutical product.

Neuronox, the first choise of botulinum toxin type A drug

For last years, many preclinical and clinical studies of Neuronox have been performed very successfully in Korea and other countries. Neuronox has shown excellent results in therapeutic studies as well as cosmetic studies. Customers and partners in more than 50 countries have been using Neuronox .

Many pharmaceutical companies have been licensed for Neuronox and also, a famous Korean pharmaceutical company, CJ corp,acquired the license for marketing and sales of Neuronox into the Latin America of more than 50 countries. All these licensing cases show the credibility of Neuronox .

Taking into account its efficacy, safety, and price compared with competitive products, Neuronox is continually becoming the most welcomed choice of botulinum toxin drug for both doctors and patients in the world.


The specification of our product is very equivalent and/or superior to those of other competitors. Especially, our extreme focus is on the highest quality control/assurance.


How does Neuronox work?

Neuronox binds to motor nerve terminals and cleaves intracellular target proteins SNAP-25. Therefore, it blocks the release of neurotransmitter, acetylcholine at presynaptic membrane on cholinergic neurons and causes muscular paralysis.

When injection intramuscularly at therapeutic doses, Neuronox produces partial chemical denervation of the muscle resulting in a localized reduction in muscle activity. In addition, the muscle may atrophy, axonal sprouting may occur, and extra junctional acetlcholine receptors may develop. There is an evidence that reinnervation of the muscle may occur, thus slow reversing muscle denervation by Neuronox can be used for therapies.

Mechanism of Neuronox

Clinical Trial Data

Clinical Trial Data: Essential Blepharospasm

In comparison with the previously-approved Botulinum Toxin Type A ("B" Product of "A" Company in the US), the test drug has been evaluated in terms of safety and efficacy.
- Target patients: Patients (aged 18-75) with essential Blepharospasm (grade 2-4 as rated by the SCOTT method)
- Test method: Double-blind, randomized, active drug comparative, parallel designed, multi-center study
- Treatment period: Dosage of patient once with follow-up observation over 4 weeks

Other Clinical Trial Data: Hemifacial Spasm and Cosmetic Treatments

According to a double-blind, randomized, active drug comparative, parallel designed, multi-center study on patients with hemifacial spasm, no difference was found in safety and efficacy. The quality of MEDITOXIN was confirmed in an unofficial clinical trial with a partner in South America.